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Saw this with M. It's really not too bad... if you ignore the ending, aha. Especially the casting for John Tucker is good: at first you are like, what do any of these girls see in this guy? But by the end you are like, hmm, well he is a pretty smooth operator, and he actually likes it when (pretty) girls use him to enhance their own status, for instance by shooting him down. As M said, he is "good in situations." (I like that they cast a biracial-looking guy in this role.)

The casting for Kate, on the other hand, while not terrible, is also not great. A real-life Kate would have much more avoidant and non-confident body language, I think, even if she was pretty (like her mom). Screenwriters decided to show her "superficial/popular" side versus her "natural" side by showing her with straight or curly hair, which is fair enough, but also a lazy substitute for better writing/acting...right?

The ending to this movie is flubbed, though. Here's how it should have ended (behind a cut in case anyone cares about spoilers for a six-year-old teen comedy):

1. Kate and John Tucker end up together. After all, we already know that when he is humiliated or set back, he doesn't give up: he doubles down. The best way to bounce back from Kate revealing that she played him would be to date her.

1a. Is this a happy ending? You can try to make it one: a) John Tucker suffers a much more severe blow at his birthday party when Kate reveals she has been playing him. After all, although he says he has learned a lesson, he has already been shown to say lots of things he doesn't mean, and the situation is quickly turned around in order to minimize the discomfort of the audience (who by this point are expected to like him too). If he never suffers a setback, he'll never learn from his mistakes; b) his and Kate's subsequent relationship should avoid making her into a doormat who accepts his bad behavior. (A very real possibility considering her Mom's history of relationships with bad men!)

Their relationship is made into a "they fit well together" since Kate, unlike JT's previous conquests, goes in already knowing he is a lying player, but even knowing that she likes him anyway; and what JT likes about her is actually how bad she is at lying, or in other words the real parts of her personality that showed through during her attempts to play him.

On the other hand, this would send a pretty horrible message since despite his likability, John Tucker is still bad news. :p F'r instance, the movie makes a big deal out of the fact that he liked Kate enough to take her on his boat, to ask her to be his (first official) girlfriend, to give her his watch in a big show in front of everyone, to bring her up on stage at his party, etc etc. But what I see when I watch scenes like this is that, since he likes her, he decides to entrap her: it's very hard to turn someone down in the middle of their grand and showy public gesture. So really, their relationship wouldn't be good; but it would be realistic.

On the other other hand, Kate knows this: "why do you always have to make a production out of everything, why not just hang out and be yourself?" So in other words for this to be a semi-happy ending, she would have to really have his number and not let him get away with the things he is used to getting away with.

2) The younger Tucker, John Tucker's brother, should have ended up with ultra-ambitious Type A character, not with Kate. Since he's unambitious, he could support her in her career! They'd have cute (smart) kids!

3) The other two girls should have ended up with each other? Following the teen-movie logic that if everyone is paired off, it's a happy ending. :p Well, the vegan girl already proved she's up for kissing other girls, and the cheerleader girl is an athlete, so. (And anyway they are hot.)

Sorry for that bit of armchair-writing, I just had to get it off my chest XD.

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