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I am so totally out of the Olympic loop - though I heard there's a top-secret (not really: it's just not listed on their website) plan by the Museum Gardens in York to do public screenings of Olympic events, so I might go to one of those. If it's not raining, which it is EVERY SINGLE DAY OH MY GOD okay I am done now. I missed the torch when it passed through a few weeks ago. So far the biggest impact the Olympics has had on my life is to make train travel between here and the south much, much more expensive. Also the mishandling of this event gives British people something to whinge about, which of course they love to do.

(In fairness to them, the way the Olympic committee has been handling security and public transport reroutes in London is fairly horrific. Some overground stops are closed and entire lanes are being reserved for "athletes and VIPs only", making it actually impossible for some people to commute to work. Also, the committee is going nuts with copyright enforcement, leading Waterstones in London to refer to "the big sporting event" as "Voldesport. That which cannot be named!" What is this, 2007? Furthermore, how can the Olympic committee claim that this is a public celebration of amateurism when there are 300 people whose sole job is to look for unauthorized use of the Olympic brand by non-sponsors? etc etc etc. (I'm getting all this info from metafilter, by the way. The same way I get all my news!))

Since I'm into Kpop now, I'll mention that Korea loves this event more than England. Here's some arena-ready pop songs that came out recently:

In other news, Blur is performing at the Olympics, and also have a new single out. <3!

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